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Roadside PEZ: 2018 European Time Trial Championships!
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Roadside: The European championships on the track and road have been held in Glasgow, Scotland this last week. The big event will be the men's road race on Sunday, but we sent Callum MacGregor the short distance from home to check-out the time trial as a warm-up for the weekend action. Roadside - Callum roamin' in the gloamin' wae a camera by his side! 


A great Scottish back-drop for Victor Campenaerts to do the double

Roadside at the European time Trial championships was not a high octane event. The crowds were sparse when the race left Glasgow but the backdrop of the Campsie fells ensured a picturesque setting. The rolling roads an adequate test.


Not much flat and with a technical finish

The time trial, a test of individual strength and ability to suffer is an art, today's championship saw only thirty-four men on the start sheet, chrono artists committed to their art. 

I was solo at the roadside with Ed unwell and watching live on television. I could have done with his insight as I tried to figure out who was up on who. The field was slightly light on stars with neither Dutch world champion Tom Dumoulin present, likewise no Froomedog or Geraint. We'll see who turns up for the road race on Sunday.


Victor Campenaerts, defending his title in the European Time Trial Championships by the narrowest of margins

The defending champion Victor Campenaerts was last man in a field of thirty-four. His effort was enough to retain his title by the narrowest of margins, winning by less than a second from Jonathan Castroviejo, the Spaniard a past winner who came so close to regaining the title.


Jonathan Castroviejo, Spain beaten by the narrowest of margins into silver

The podium was completed by the German Max Schachmann less than half a minute behind the winner. 


Schachmann catches Bialoblocki for a minute, en-route to bronze

The course only really offered the opportunity to view the participants once. The start list appeared on the website mid evening the night before the event, which must have added to the riders stress levels if this was when they found out their start time. 

The small number of riders setting off at minute intervals meant that the race would be over quickly, unlike time trials in the grand tours or indeed many British time trials where up to 120 riders can take to the start. 


Roads closed everywhere and all day

Apparently the roads were closed from 2am and given the women's race started at 09.00 and the men's at 13.00 it seemed the organisers had overestimated the length of time the roads needed to be shut. Alternatively they could have run the races closer together and reduced greatly the disruption. 


Gediminas Bagdonas, Lithuanian road and TT champ, first man off

The men's field was not short of quality though and first man on the road Lithuanian champion in both time trial and road race Gediminas Bagdonas looked powerful. 

The threat of rain having held off for him at least where I watched north of Torrance village. Third man off Tiago Machado, Portugal was looking smooth with Ireland's Eddie Dunbar in hot pursuit.

Roll on Sunday for the men's road race.

European Men's Time Trial Championships Result:
1. Victor Campenaerts (Belgium) in 53:38
2. Jonathan Castroviejo (Spain) at 0:01
3. Maximilian Schachmann (Germany) at 0:27
4. Yves Lampaert (Belgium) at 0:31
5. Alex Dowsett (Great Britain) at 0:35
6. Ryan Mullen (Ireland) at 0:40
7. Stefan Küng (Switzerland) at 0:44
8. Jos Van Emden (Netherlands) at 0:55
9. Rasmus Christian Quaade (Denmark) at 0:56
10. Dylan Van Baarle (Netherlands) at 1:03.